• Cattle Breeding
    The company has two cattle farms. There is heifers in the cellar at Tetétlen, while Balogh, farm milk production. The company's cattle breeding and milk production - in terms of size and quality of production - are also among the best in national comparison.
  • Plant cultivation
    The company manages 2000 hectare farm near Berettyoujfalu in the Bihar region. We primarily grow corn, maize for silage, medick, autumn wheat, sunflower and autumn oilseed rape.
  • Irrigation business
    Az „AGRO-COW Ltd. has launched its irrigation business since September 2016. The business unit can answer fully questions related to arable irrigation. Whether it's design, scaling, operation, business professionals can count on it.
  • Services
    The Ltd. offers a wide range of agricultural wage work for its partners. It can help you from the first step of the works to the final step.
  • Trade
    The Agro-Cow company built a MEGA type dryer in 2007. The dryer is a special envionmental device, its a technologie of XXI century. We have a 60 tons of ponder. Company have 15.000 tons of granary capacity. We undertake winnowing, drying and buying up:wheat, corn, oil rape seed and sunflower grains.